spring flowers

Spring Flowers

After what felt like the longest winter, all of a sudden spring is here. My husband and I took advantage of the warm, sunny weather this weekend to get some gardening and yard work done. The photo above is a shot of my front stoop – I’m experimenting with more container gardens this year.

Naturally as I’ve been seeing flowers everywhere – in our yard, in other gardens, there’s even some stunning wildflowers lining one of the highways I take on my commute to work – I’ve been thinking about flowers for events and entertaining. I have several resources on the blog that I’d like to share in case you (like me) want to learn more about flowers. First, you can see all of my flower posts here.

But here are a few of my favorite posts:

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I’m still trying to learn more about flowers. What resources do you have to share with me? I’d greatly appreciate it!


  1. awilliams175 says:

    I’d like to say that I am the kind of person who gets excited about spring and planting. But I have sever allergies that keep me inside in the spring and on top of that I kill every plant in sight. Even bamboo. I did not get my families green thumb.

  2. 123neatandtidy says:

    This flowers look pretty! I don’t have a green thumb at all. I’ve tried to grow sunflowers, carrots, tomatoes and they have all died on me. =/ On the other hand, my daughter can grow beans in a plastic bag, lol.

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