[guest post] plan your Easter brunch with ease with the brunch calculator

Easter Brunch Menu

Are you planning on hosting Easter brunch? If so, I’m excited to share this tool from Shari’s Berries: the Easter Brunch Menu Calculator. Please note that I did not receive any compensation for this post, it’s just a great tool that I wanted to share. Enjoy and happy planning!

Easter is another fun time of the year we get to gather with friends and family. And what kind of gathering is complete without food? While many folks just go to restaurants for Easter brunch, there are the few, and the bold who love hosting it at home.

If you’ve taken the plunge and decide to be hosting Easter brunch (or any brunch, really) at home some planning can set you free! Shari’s Berries, who has a love of sweets and ┬ácelebrations, made a brunch calculator to help you plan out your meals and shopping list depending on the number of guests and what you want to serve.

Do you plan to have four adults coming over for brunch? Or maybe two or three different families with the kids too? Having an organized list like this with a pre-planned meal can help plan your entire meal or even just give you a place to start with recipes and portion ideas.

Maybe I’m biased towards ‘planning it all’ but if you’re on board you can check it out the planner here.



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