elegant Easter table and centerpiece ideas

easter table centerpiece ideas

I hate Easter grass. There. I said it. You know the kind – either a bright green or a pastel color in some sort of plastic that somehow manages to jump out of Easter baskets or stick to every item in the basket. I just don’t love it. In my mind, Easter tablescape ideas are closely tied to Easter grass and I’m not sure why. Surely there are other ideas out there, sans grass?

In my family, Easter is the one holiday that is always celebrated with my side of the family instead of my husband’s. I think in the more thanĀ 10 years that Joe and I have been together, we may have celebrated Easter with his family once. In college, so it doesn’t count. But every year we travel down to North Carolina to spend time with my New York family that transplanted themselves there. Somewhere along the line it became a tradition. My cousin, Janet, is an excellent hostess and incorporates plenty of traditions into her Easter table. While we may not have a fancy place cards, we often have lovingly hand drawn place cards “designed” by Janet’s daughters – which are honestly better than anything Martha Stewart could come up with because they are so meaningful.

So while I may not be making an Easter centerpiece myself, I wanted to share these ideas for a more elegant (read: no Easter grass) table. Many of these ideas should be easy to DIY.

Of course when I look for “elegant” Easter centerpieces, I come across one that Preston Bailey made (In my mind, Preston Bailey is a synonym for elegance). If it weren’t for the eggs nestled in the moss beneath the tulips, you wouldn’t necessarily know these were for Easter. I also love the bright colors! Bonus points for the lively striped linen. Via Preston Bailey:

easter table centerpiece ideas



For another egg and tulip idea, I like filling the vase (or any glass container) with the eggs and nestling the tulips (or any flower – but people seem to really like tulips for Easter) within the vase. I also love this one because it totally looks like something someone had on hand, not a vessel they bought for the holiday. Via Top Dreamer:

easter table centerpiece ideas


If you have a more unique vase or dish, like the one below, I love the idea of a shallow centerpiece full of eggs, and then nestling small flowers around the eggs. I especially love the wildflowers, which are a nice contrast to the elegant serving piece. Via Better Homes and Gardens:

easter table centerpiece ideas

While I hate Easter grass, I like this DIY version made of cut up magazines. You can use a real hardboiled egg on top, or just a decorative egg. This is such a unique placecard idea – you can use intials or monograms to tell guests where to sit. Of course, this idea wouldn’t work with my in-laws, who each have the same exact initials! Via Better Homes and Garden:

easter table and placecard ideas


For more of a rustic look (who doesn’t love rustic!), you can track down these faux robin’s nests and eggs (I’ve seen these at craft stores) and nestle a place card inside. Via Architecture Art Design:

easter table and placecard ideas


These little moss-filled egg cups with a name flag are cute as well. I especially love this if you can find inexpensive egg cups at a yard sale or thrift store. DIY instructions via The Farm Chicks:

easter table and placecard ideas



For more of a fun, playful idea for Easter, I love this DIY Burlap Bunny table runner. It looks like so much fun! DIY directions and template via Eclectically Vintage:

easter table centerpiece ideas


Well those are a few Easter ideas for you! What are your Easter traditions?

Photo Credit: { Better Homes and Gardens }


  1. hooplah says:

    These are all so cute! I really like the nest with the cut up magazines. With all of our pets I can’t have that yucky Easter grass in my house, either.

  2. Tami @ ThisMomsDelight says:

    The Easter eggs in the vase with the flower arrangement is so cute. I can’t have that in my house. My little guy would be dumping it to get to the eggs.

  3. krystaprice says:

    OH how much do I love the one with the wild flowers! Absolutely beautiful, yet not too in your face. Simple and pretty. Thanks for sharing the great ideas!

  4. Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty says:

    I’m with you – that Easter grass is a nightmare! IT ends up everywhere, and you find it for weeks. These centerpieces are beautiful, I want to copycat several of them for my table!

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