DIY vintage book place cards & vase


Whenever I host book club (it’s usually a brunch) and I usually can’t help myself but use books in the decor (see my previous book club post here). This time I wanted to do something different with vintage book pages. I decided to make little roses out of the book pages to serve as place cards, and wrapped a mason jar in pages to serve as a vase. Easy and simple! Here’s how:



To make the paper roses, I adapted this tutorial from HGTV. Basically you cut out a circle (or oval) and then cut it as a spiral. That’s the easy part. The slightly more challenging part is to roll it in a way that you can easily secure (I used hot glue). I then used ribbon to attach a small card with the guests’ names. I set the rose place card on each napkin.



For the vase, I simply covered a mason jar with vintage pages. I chose deep red gerbera daisies since the color was so vibrant and it accented the red flowers in my dishes.

All in all it was an easy way to add a touch of book club to the table without buying any additional supplies (besides the flowers). What do you think?


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