my new favorite DJ


Sometimes people think DJ is a dirty word. When asking soon to be married couples, “Oh are you having a band at your wedding?” well-meaning people smile and nod when the answer is, “No, we’re just having a DJ.” Just a DJ, as if all DJ’s are inferior to bands.

Well, full-disclosure, my husband and I had a DJ for our wedding (our venue didn’t have enough space to accommodate a band anyway) and they were amazing, the best in NJ for sure. I’ve always been a fan of good DJs, the ones that are talented and experienced and get to know the crowd and do more than just move from one track to another. Of course there are some bad DJs out there, but I’ve also seen some bad wedding and event bands. So it really depends.

But for all those DJ haters out there, I’d like to introduce you to my new favorite DJ show – Focus3D. These guys are amazing.

When I was at The Special Event show in Anaheim two weeks ago, I saw these guys featured in a video on new event technology in a breakout session. I thought the video clip looked pretty cool. Then the next morning the guys were there, live! And it was easily the best DJ performance I’ve ever seen.

Here is a 2 minute demo:

Okay so they aren’t just your average DJ – it’s a DJ and a drummer in a special booth and utilizes projection mapping – it’s really incredible. The show was the perfect way to start the morning general session – it was high energy and well-executed. I even overheard another attendee ask someone if these guys were really in the room or if the whole thing was just a projection!

These guys are doing really exciting things with technology – I’d love to see this trickle down into the rest of the industry! To learn more about these guys, visit their website.


    • Amanda says:

      I’m actually from Long Island myself and we live in Virginia now, but my husband is originally from Wyckoff and we got married in Woodcliff Lake (so way North Jersey)

  1. Angela says:

    I love a great dj. I think the variety is better, there are some awesome dj out there thanks for sharing. Im in North Carolina so I am so far from this greatness lol

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