2014 gift guide: top 10 gifts for event planners

Of course I need to share a gift guide for event planners! After all, I am a professional event planner by day and a good portion of this blog is devoted to event planning. So if you know an event planner, here are some gift ideas that your event planner friends and family will love. If you ARE an event planner, here’s a ready to go wish list you can subtly leave out for your loved ones to find. (Not like I’m leaving any hints for my husband or anything!) Just like with my hostess gift guide yesterday, I’ve created a complementary Pinterest board with even more ideas so be sure to follow me there! Please note all prices were accurate at time of publication.

Gifts for Event Planners

Part of the event planner uniform is a solid purse – I love this crossbody version by Michael Kors – it’s functional and classy. And gorgeous. And probably soft and luxurious! $228 at Nordstrom.

Event planners are usually behind the scenes but honestly, they have a lot of power (bwah ha ha!) so I fell in love with this pillow, which proclaims “Queen of Effing Everything.” Love! $33 at Wayfair.

These tech gloves are perfect for anyone who needs to work on their phones during their commute during the winter! $58 at Nordstrom.

First, I’m proud of myself for only including ONE Kate Spade item on this list, but it had to be a 2015 planner, complete with gold polka dots! $36 at Kate Spade.

Due to long hours on their feet (and if they are like me, having difficulty finding shoes that are fashionable and comfortable), this foot massager would be a welcome treat. $48 at Amazon.

This coffee table book is a must have for event planners and event enthusiasts: Vogue and the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute: Parties, Exhibitions, People. This book goes behind the scenes of one of the top events every year! $36 at Amazon.

Most event planners need a ton of caffeine and are constantly on the go – this travel mug is a perfect fit. $10.50 at Bando.

Lots of event planners travel all the time – this portable humidifier hooks onto a water bottle! $30 at Amazon.

I’m in love with my Warby Parker glasses – they are affordable and stylish, and the at home try-on program makes it easy to fit glasses shopping into any busy schedule. From $95 at Warby Parker.

Another great travel item – these foot wraps are perfect for doing yoga on the road! $75 at Nike.

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