halloween place cards & escort cards

Halloween isn’t necessarily my favorite holiday – I loved it growing up, but as an adult I’ve felt it to be pretty hit or miss. That is, until moving into a house in a stereotypical suburban neighborhood. I feel like my house is the only one on the block that doesn’t have an elaborate Halloween display outside. Halloween is apparently a big deal in our neighborhood!

We don’t have plans for a big Halloween party this year, instead we’re opting to hang out and greet trick or treaters. But if you are hosting a soiree of some kind, here are some fun ideas for place cards and escort cards. Enjoy!

Halloween Placecards and Escort Cards

Clockwise from the top left:

Remember the raven? Edgar Allen Poe’s creepy poem is quintessential Halloween, just like this set of escort cards. { Camille Styles }

For something a bit lighter, I like these pumpkin straw labels – for smaller parties you can pair guests’ glasses with a fun straw and label to mark seats, or just keep track of drinks for the night. { Etsy: blewbydesign }

These mini witch hats are appropriate for a Halloween fete – or a book club discussing the final installment of the All Souls Trilogy – anyone else reading that? { Bridal Guide }

Instead of asking guests to find their table, invite them to find their resting place, with escort cards that look like tombstones! { Two Sweets Bake Shop }

Remember those dollar store Dracula teeth prizes? Spray paint them silver and you have a creepy but still glam escort card display! { Celebrities8 }

What other Halloween ideas have you seen? For more table ideas, check out my post on spooky but elegant Halloween tables.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    I really like the tombstone place cards. I know it’s a bit late for Halloween but I’m doing a horror themed cocktail party so this is of particular interest. I’ve also found a resource that lets you print your own place cards free which is quite cool. They have quite a few good Halloween designs here http://www.dreamsonpaper.co.uk/products/tags/halloween the spider one is particularly cool I think!

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