Ideas for Non-Edible Favors

For most social events (weddings, parties, etc.) I prefer edible favors. Maybe it’s because I like food and drink so much, but I’ve never been unhappy with a mini champagne bottle or a tiny box of truffles. Let’s be honest – both of those options usually get broken into not long after the event is over.

But just because I lean toward edibles doesn’t mean there aren’t some fabulous non-edible options that make great favors. Here are some of my favorite ideas:


Non Edible Favor Ideas

From top to bottom:

Umbrellas are one of those things that are useful for almost everybody (unless you live in somewhere constantly bright and sunny – I’m looking at you San Diego!), you likely can use an extra one, especially if it’s compact.  Practical – absolutely. You can make it fun by choosing a color that matches your palate or a fun print. { Disney Weddings }

I love the idea of a take-home flower. Most people (most women, at least) enjoy fresh flowers so why not send your guests home with one? You could also do a small plant or succulent. { BizBash }

Pashminas are great for outdoor weddings or chilly climates. It’s another thing that most women wouldn’t mind having an extra one lying around. { Loverly }

Small serving pieces like this cheese spreader are nice – again, not awful if you have one already. This one works because of the cork motif, probably for a winery wedding. File this under ‘useful tchotchke.’ { Colin Cowie Weddings }

Seed packets are cost effective – not everyone may plant them, but you can riff on the “let love grow” theme. Also, very environmentally friendly. { Exquisite Weddings }

A mini recipe book – I really love this idea for a bridal shower. { Offbeat Bride }

Little containers of sugar or salt scrub – again, useful for the ladies, plus it’s easy to make it match a decor or theme. { Loverly }


What other non-edible favors have you received or given that you enjoyed? Let me know in the comments!