meet the [planner] blogger: brittany ryan of beaux & belles

Meet the [planner] blogger: Brittany Ryan of Beaux & Belles
There are so many event planners out there… and even more bloggers. But there aren’t as many event planner bloggers as you might think!
But one such blogger is Brittany Ryan, a corporate event planner by day and blogger at Beaux & Belles by night.  Read on to learn about Brittany!
What’s your day job like [Marketing Communications Specialist at Ericsson]?
Always busy! But I like it that way. I usually have a few planning calls throughout the day – one for each upcoming event per week. I monitor my email (like a hawk!) and try to stay on top of the incoming flow of communication, which concerns both internal requests within my company and external inquiries. When not responding to email or on the phone, I may be found generating marketing collateral or developing our show’s social media strategy. I travel an average of once per month to either manage a conference onsite or to perform a site visit.
How did you get into corporate event planning?
In my college days, I received a BA in General Management from OU and an MSc in International Business from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. I always knew I’d be in some sort of corporate or business environment. When applying for jobs, I came across the role of a Business Analyst for Ericsson, a telecommunications company. After accepting the position, my role quickly evolved into a Business Operations Manager. It was in this position where I was asked to plan my team’s retreats and offsite events. This was the favorite part of my job, and after identifying that, I knew that my career lay within the corporate event planning team at Ericsson. For the next year, I volunteered for this team in my spare time. When a job opening finally opened up for this coveted position, I was overjoyed to accept the position as Marketing Communication Specialist and start my dream career!

Meet the [planner] blogger: Brittany Ryan of Beaux & Belles
What kinds of events do you work on?
I plan both internal and external events. Internal events include an onsite workshop, special guest speaking event, offsite sales summit or employee appreciation event. External events include tradeshows and conferences that Ericsson would want to have an exhibit or thought leadership presence at.
What is your favorite part about event planning?
I love the variety of the job. Though there are similarities from one event to the next, each event has its own unique purpose to achieve, which requires that I deploy different marketing strategies for each. I love being able to see all my behind the scenes work come together into a memorable and successful event. I also love the perk of getting to travel for some of the events as well (even if it is for work)!
What is your least favorite part about event planning?
My least favorite part of the job is probably dealing with unrealistic expectations. As much as you try to manage people’s expectations, there are always some that don’t fully understand the processes that are required to put on a successful event.
Meet the [planner] blogger: Brittany Ryan of Beaux & Belles
What trend in events are you most excited about?
I get excited about many event trends! I love a good theme – but it must be well-executed and not tacky. I love classic themes like the Great Gatsby and Carnivale, but I’m most excited to see more culturally infused event trends this fall/winter that influences everything from the menu to the entertainment to the decor.
One trend particularly interesting for my niche in the corporate world, is that of sleeping, if you can believe! Conferences are starting to create sleeping pods and sleeping stations to accommodate guests while on their breaks between meetings and sessions. I’m excited to see how successful (or unsuccessful) these will turn out to be!
What trend do you wish would finally go away?
This question’s hard for me because I love trends. Some planners may be tired of the ombre trend or lucite chair trend or chalkboard trend or chevron trend, but I still love them all! If I absolutely had to pick something, I guess it would be the ‘shabby chic’ or ‘rustic chic’ look simply because I feel like it was so prevalent last year. Still love the look but I think we could stand to take a break from it for a little while!
Meet the [planner] blogger: Brittany Ryan of Beaux & Belles
Where do you find inspiration for events?
I try to get inspiration from a variety of places. Pinterest and magazines are my easiest go-to’s but I also love to get inspiration from the fashion world, movies, nature, music, and art.
Why did you start Beaux & Belles?
I started my blog right after realizing that my career should be in event planning. During the year that I was learning about event planning in general and volunteering for my corporate event planning team, I wanted to do something in the meantime that would prove my dedication to the career, plug me into the event industry, and keep me focused on continuously learning more from it. I thought that a blog would be the perfect avenue for me to learn, grow, and share my journey with others in the process. As a result, blogging turned into a passion for me that goes hand in hand with my passion for event planning!
Brittany (2nd from the left)  with her Event Team colleagues

Brittany (2nd from the left) with her Event Team colleagues

What are your goals for your blog?
I have hopes that Beaux & Belles: An Event Planning Blog becomes widely known and recognized as a place for event inspiration, fun, and collaboration. I want the blog to be a resource for others; one that provides answers and guidance. And I would like for it to be a space where people share their ideas and designs with the world!
Thanks for sharing your story, Brittany! Don’t forget to visit Beaux & Belles and leave some comment love!

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