help, I’ve got ugly chairs! part 2: chair treatments & embellishments

How to embellish chairs

Welcome back to the “Help! I’ve got ugly chairs!” series! Yesterday I discussed the different types of chairs you usually find at hotels and banquet halls. Today we’ll talk about ways to enhance your chairs, whether you have a wooden folding chair that needs some pizzazz or if you want to make a chiavari chair a little more special. This is called chair treatments or chair embellishments. Enjoy!

Chair caps: If you are just itching to cover up part of that chair but don’t want a big, baggy chair cover? What about a chair cap? These are also called toppers or half covers, or sometimes sleeves. They can be made in almost any fabric, but I love the lace for a soft, romantic look.

Lace Chair Cap


You can get a similar, but less tailored look by wrapping and tying fabric to cover the same part of the chair.

Lace Chair Swag

An even more elaborate version with ruffles:

Ruffled Chair Embellishment

Ribbon is a popular way to embellish chairs, and often more cost effective. I love this angled sash:

Green Ribbon Chair

Hanging the ribbon off the back of a chair works well too:

Ribbon Chair Garland

Bow Tied Chair Embellishment

You can drape fabric through the chair for a dramatic look:

Chair Drape

There’s always floral garland:

Floral Garland

Or this whimsical Gatsby-esque pearl garland:

Pearl Garland

I really love this look for wedding ceremonies as aisle markers. Even a simple ribbon tie makes a big impact:

Ceremony Ribbon Chair

Or this sash with fresh flowers is gorgeous:

Wedding Ceremony Chair Sash

If you are going to add chair treatments and embellishments, make sure you think through the whole look. For the larger, more elaborate treatments, less might be more and you should stick to just the bride and groom’s chairs at a wedding, or just the head table. If you are going to treat each chair, make sure it doesn’t look too busy. And remember to add up the costs. The ribbon treatments may be easy to DIY, but it does take a lot of labor if you are doing each chair, so make sure you (or your helpers) have ample time.

What chair embellishments have you seen or tried?

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    All of these chairs look pretty good to begin with. We can’t blow our budget and surprise! The venue that we thought had white wooden chairs will in fact provide black metal folding ones… I feel concerned

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