want to have a food truck at your wedding? here’s how…

Wedding Food Truck Tips

Food trucks have taken most major cities by storm so naturally, they are starting to appear at weddings. This is a fun way to add a unique catering option for your guests. Here is what you need to know in order to pull off the food truck trend at your wedding:

Consider Timing:

There are plenty of ways to fit a food truck (or two, or three!) into your wedding. But unless you want to replace your main meal with food truck fare, the easiest ways to work them in are during the cocktail hour, dessert, or as part of a late-night after party.

Menu Planning:

Is the food truck going to be providing the only food at the time it’s serving or will it be adding to other options you’ll have, such as the wedding cake for dessert with the add-on of an ice cream truck for your guests? Make sure the amount of food and type of food is appropriate for the timing. You don’t want to offer heavy, greasy foods during cocktail hour if your guests are going to still have a formal sit-down dinner. If a food truck normally offers meals, ask if they can serve bite-size hors d’oeuvres portions of their menu.

Number of Trucks:

You can certainly just have one truck come to your wedding as a fun surprise, but realize that most (if not all) of your guests will be standing in line for that truck. If you are hosting a large wedding, consider multiple trucks so the lines are shorter. This also adds variety to the menu.


Trucks can only run outside so if it rains, your guests will likely have to stand in the rain. Or if it’s particularly cold or hot, standing in line might also be unpleasant for your guests.

Taste Test:

Just like you would sample a regular caterer’s menu before booking him for your wedding, be sure to try the foods you’ll be offering to your guests ahead of time, especially if they are different from the food truck’s regular menu.

Be Mindful of Codes:

Food trucks are heavily regulated so make sure you work with the company to make sure they can legally park and serve at your wedding venue, especially if you are getting married in a public place like a park, or will be using public streets or parking lots.

Work with Your Caterer:

Unless you are exclusively using food trucks to provide meals for your guests, make sure you are looping your caterer into your plans. You might even be prohibited from using another food provider in your contract with your caterer or venue, so check that first. Assuming you are able to bring in food trucks, your caterer can be helpful with the logistics and might even have existing relationships with food trucks they can leverage for your wedding.


If you’re getting married in a public place near main roads, passersby may see your food truck and think they can get in line, too. You may need to provide signs to let non-guests know that the truck is booked for a private party.

Menu Ideas:

If you are having a food truck come for cocktail hour, bite-size hors d’oeuvre versions of the truck’s specialty items are sure to be a hit. For dessert, the ice cream truck is always a hit and reminds guests of their childhoods. Other great dessert ideas are Italian Ice trucks or cupcake trucks. If you are bringing in trucks for the late night after party, the possibilities are endless. Pizza, hot dogs, even carnival foods and snacks are a fun addition to any wedding.

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