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Sweet Fifi Custom Cakes

“A party without cake is just a meeting.”  Julia Childs said that, and she couldn’t be more right.

So many parties – so many life events – revolve around cake. Couples long remember their wedding cake (some even try to eat the top on their first anniversary… with mixed results). Effort and planning is put into so many birthday cakes, graduation cakes, baptism cakes. For those who want to celebrate with a gorgeous custom cake (and you happen to live on Long Island) there is Sweet Fifi Cakes.

Gabrielle Campbell, owner and baker of Sweet Fifi Cakes, first learned the art and craft of baking from her Grandma Millie. “She would bake these elaborate cakes for all of our birthdays, communions and graduations. The cakes quickly took center stage at all the parties.”

Sweet Fifi Custom Cakes

The demand for custom cakes has exploded in recent years after popular shows like Cake Boss came on air. Gabrielle started her business after her daughter, Safiya, was born, naming the business after Safiya’s nickname, Fifi. “It’s a business that gives me the flexibility to be a mom, which is my most important job. It’s rewarding and allows me to be creative.”

Creative is the perfect way to describe her cakes. While some cakes are traditional in appearance, Sweet Fifi’s signature style is sculptural. From basketball courts to a Jack Daniels bottle, from guitars to a Hermes box, Gabrielle has made just about everything you can think of into a cake.

Sweet Fifi Cakes mostly handle birthday cake requests, but has also made Christening and Baptism cakes, baby and bridal shower cakes, engagement cakes and even wedding cakes. Of course, she also offers designer cupcakes.

Sweet Fifi Custom Cakes

Which cake trend is Gabrielle most excited about? “We’re seeing a lot of cakes with textures. Many cakes feature a contrast of smooth fondant covered tiers and draping fabric or big dramatic abstract flowers. The contrast gives the cakes visual appeal.”

On the flip side, Gabrielle is over sheet cakes and buttercream roses. “It just screams 1980s to me,” she says.

Gabrielle’s advice to hostesses looking to order a custom cake for their parties is to make sure the cake is on display for the whole event, making it a focal point. “Set it up on the favor table and guests will be talking about it the whole party.”

To learn more about Sweet Fifi Cakes, visit her website. Check out the slideshow featuring more of Sweet Fifi’s exquisite cakes.

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