how to choose a signature cocktail for your wedding or event

how to select a signature cocktail for your wedding or party

Signature drinks are everywhere these days – weddings, mitzvahs, even corporate events have jumped on this trend. Having a signature drink is a great way to add something special to the event – but it also helps manage the lines at your bar since many signature cocktails can be pre-made or even pre-poured and passed to guests as they arrive.

There are so many different ways to go with this trend – here are some ideas for selecting a signature drink that will wow your guests.

Color: One of the easiest ways to select a signature drink with a color that matches the color palette of the event. For example, if the wedding colors are red and pink, a red or pink cocktail would work. In order to find a cocktail based on color, search for cocktails whose main ingredient is a colored liquor. For example, many blue cocktails are made with Hypnotiq or Blue Curacao.

Theme: If your event has a theme, incorporate that into the drink. For example, for a mitzvah with a baseball theme, a baseball themed drink would work. Or if the theme is more subtle, such as a rustic country theme, signature cocktails in mason jars would be a fun idea.

Location: Think about incorporating the location into the cocktail – for example, if you’re getting married at the beach, try a beach themed cocktail. Or if you’re getting married in a metropolitan area, try serving a signature cocktail that relates to that city. If there are local breweries, wineries or distilleries, try using their products as ingredients.

how to select a signature cocktail for your wedding or party

Favorites: An easy way to find a signature drink is to think about the favorite drinks of the guests of honor. For a wedding, you can have “His & Hers” drinks – the favorite drink of the groom and the favorite drink of the bride. For mitzvahs, consider what the guest of honor’s favorite drink is – perhaps a punch or soda? You can make an alcoholic version for adults that’s a twist on the kid’s version.

Taste Test: Don’t forget to taste-test, especially if you’re searching for your own recipes. Make sure that it’s something you would actually drink, as well as your guests.

Ask the Caterer or Bartender: Caterers and bartenders come up with amazing signature cocktails all the time – don’t be shy in asking for their advice!

Keep it Simple: Don’t go overboard on the signature cocktail. One or two signature drinks is the max you should offer – more than that and it will get too complicated for your bartenders and your guests. Also try not to select something that needs to be made individually at the bar or has a lot of ingredients. Signature drinks work best when they are prepared en masse ahead of time.

Signage: Don’t forget to include a sign with the signature drink options if it’s being offered at the bar. If you chose it for a particular reason, include that on the sign. Many of your guests won’t know that you chose a Gin Ricky as your signature drink because the bride and groom shared one on their first date – unless you tell them! Plus those signs are a great conversation starter among guests!

For more signature drink inspiration, check out my Pinterest Board!

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  1. Glenda says:

    Awesome tips on signature drinks! Makes it so much easier for future brides & grooms. Love the idea of including the reason for the drink 😉

  2. Katie (Dime Party Diva) says:

    We did a signature drink at our wedding 8 years ago! we called it a “Farmer-tini”. What’s funny is that I heard from the bartender that people were asking what that was supposed to mean, obviously not paying attention of my new last name! lol It was fun though, and great tips!!

  3. Beth says:

    Love signature cocktails! We had a gin-based cocktail at our wedding we called “the botanical garden” – partly because of gin and a few of the other ingredients were of a botanical nature and partly because my husband proposed at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.

    Now I try to have a signature drink for any get-together we host!

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