friday favorites – best event & entertaining ideas of the week

I like to call this edition of Friday Favorites, “Unexpected uses for everyday objects at parties and events, plus a fun-looking drink.” Enjoy!

(5) Giant Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers at Garden Party

So I’m not the biggest fan of paper flowers. Some people really love them, some people don’t and I fall into the latter category. But I can’t help but love this garden party display. At first you might think, paper flowers at a garden party? Why not use real flowers? These work because they are enormous oversize blooms that are especially whimsical for a child’s birthday party, but would work for any outdoor affair. Via The Hunted Interior.


(4) Pizza Slicer Invite

Pizza Slicer Invite

I thought this was such a cute idea – the blogger who shared this idea is hosting a Cutthroat Kitchen Viewing Party to see the episode where her brother-in-law will appear. The shenanigans on that show are pretty cutthroat and a pizza slicer is perhaps the most benign of cutting instruments used on the show, so it’s a clever idea. Also, I kind of love Alton Brown and try to watch Cutthroat Kitchen when I catch it, so I will definitely try to tune in on August 3rd. Via Jac o’lyn Murphy.


(3) Cucumber Margarita

Cucumber Margarita Recipe

Did you know that yesterday was National Tequila Day? Neither did I. What a shame! Regardless, this recipe for cucumber margaritas looks delicious (plus I need to start sharing recipes for more than just s’mores this summer). See the recipe at Cupcakes & Cutlery.


(2) DIY Centerpiece with Succulents

DIY Centerpiece with Succulents

I love the idea of using green for centerpieces – green on it’s own can provide a lot of color without bright blooms, especially if the rest of the table will have some color through linen or specialty glassware. I love these succulents – called Sedium Tile – especially planted in these fun boxes. I’m not sure I have the patience to grow and nurture sedium tile, but I love the finished look here! It’s also the perfect centerpiece for a dinner party because it’s low and doesn’t block sight lines. Via The Reluctant Entertainer.


(1) Be Our Guest “Chandelier”

Be Our Guest Chandelier

First of all, I love this entire party – mostly because Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie of all time and obviously Belle is the best Disney princess – but also because of all the clever ideas. My favorite detail is this glittery gold “chandelier” made of knives, forks and spoons. What a fun idea to incorporate the theme into the decor! I love it! See the rest of the party details at Sweetly Chic Events.


Have a great weekend!


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