i’m making my webinar debut! you should tune in!

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If you are a regular reader of this blog you probably already know that I am pretty passionate about event planning. If you haven’t realized this already, let me direct you to all of my event planning how-to articles! One of my favorite parts about my day job as an events manager for a DC area nonprofit is the time I get to spend mentoring and teaching other event planners, building their skills and helping them improve their events.

So I was naturally pretty excited when etouchesĀ approached me about leading a webinar! I’ve already done a few blog posts for etouches, which is a cloud-based event management software, and I’m already pretty comfortable writing about event planning. I’ve also taught seminars and workshops on event planning. But this is technically my first debut into webinars. How exciting!

The webinar topic is “Building Relationships with Suppliers to Make Your Event a Success.” I’m going to cover tips and tricks for developing a relationship with vendors and suppliers, from the bidding stage, through the event, and continuing after the event (perhaps the most crucial stage!). It’s a topic I’m passionate about so I’m excited to spend 30 minutes talking about it!

The webinar is FREEĀ and I encourage you to tune in! You can register here. The webinar will air on Wednesday, July 9th!

Do you like tuning in to webinars? Are there any topics you’d like me to cover in another webinar some time (in case I get invited back!)? Or are there topics you’d like to see covered in an article? Let me know – when it comes to event planning, I’ll talk/write/yammer on about almost anything!

Thanks for your support!

Photo Credit – and yes, that photo looks NOTHING like me! { My Blast Off }