friday favorites: best event & entertaining ideas of the week

Happy Friday, everyone! I have some fun, exciting ideas to share – including another creative s’mores recipe! Enjoy!

5 Red, White & Blue Party

red, white and blue party details

With the 4th of July coming up, I know we’re all making plans for where we’ll watch the local fireworks and how we can infuse the red, white and blue color scheme into our backyard BBQs. I love this party by Stylish Spoon because she actually lets the food and beverage drive the color scheme. By serving red, white and blue food, there is less need for the decor to showcase the colors. You have to make and/or buy food anyway, so this seems like a win win to me. Visit Stylish Spoon to see the menu and some of the recipes.

4 A 1st Birthday Party Everyone Enjoys

1st Birthday Party for all ages

When I talk about children’s parties on the blog, I usually feature particularly inventive themes or cute ideas. I love this party for a different reason: it was a children’s party that appealed to all ages. Some children’t parties have a fair amount of adults in attendance, especially 1st birthdays when the child hasn’t exactly gone out and made friends her own age yet. The needs of children and the needs of adults don’t always intersect, but this planner found a way to make the party appealing to all ages through the food and drink (passed sparkling wine at a birthday party? yes please!), space and entertainment. Visit Hello Luvvy for all of the fun and fabulous ideas.


3 East DIY Centerpiece-turned-favor

DIY dinner party centerpiece and favor


It’s not uncommon for guests to be able to take home the centerpieces at weddings (although always make sure you ask first – sometimes brides just rent those those vases and they are supposed to be returned to the florist!). But what about letting your guests take home the centerpiece at your dinner party? I love this idea – instead of a fancy floral arrangement, this blogger featured individual pots of basil plants, and added in some daisies for contrast and flora. Then at the end of the night, each guest took a pot home! I love the basil idea because everyone can use some fresh basil (especially me, since I tend to kill my basil plants). Via Housepitality Designs.


2 Cookie S’mores!

Cookie S'mores!

So I’ve been just a little obsessed with s’mores this summer and it’s been manifesting on my blog. See here and here. But I can’t help but share this cookie s’more recipe, which manages to make s’mores even easier and more amazing. Instead of graham crackers and chocolate, you use Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookies (which are one of my favorite kinds of cookies!). The chocolate is IN the cookie! How great is that? I haven’t had a chance to try these yet but I can’t wait! Via The Chic Site.


1 Digital Sink Sign

event signage at the Newseum in Washington DC

I’m a little obsessed with event signage. While directional signage is hugely important, I love all kinds of fun, creative signs at events. I have entire Pinterest board devoted to fun event signs. But this one is perhaps my new favorite, and it comes from an event I was working through my day job. The credit goes to my colleague Lydia – this was her show, I was just lending a hand – and the design work is due to the fantastic graphics team. If you host an event at the Knight Conference Center at the Newseum, you have the opportunity to post a graphic to their digital readerboards. What I didn’t realize until this visit (I hadn’t been on-site for an event there in a while so this might not be too new) is that they also have digital readerboards over the sink faucets in the restrooms. How amazing is that! To be fair the restrooms at the Newseum are already pretty amusing – the walls are covered in humorous headlines – but it’s always helpful to be reminded of which event you’re attending while you wash your hands.




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    Thanks so much for including my 4th of July party in list! I will be posting a free printable party plan for the entire party and menu tomorrow and will add a hotlink in the post. Thanks again for the feature!!

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