perfect picnic baskets for summer entertaining

Who doesn’t love a summer picnic? Whether you are going to a winery (see my suggestions on pulling a winery picnic together) or a park, or an outdoor concert – one of my favorite types of picnics – starting with the right picnic basket makes things easier.

You can always use any basket you have on hand and fill it with all of the necessary supplies. However, if you want to invest in a picnic basket set that comes with some of the picnic supplies you’ll need (plates, utensils, a small cutting board), you can keep everything in one place and be ready to picnic at a moment’s notice! I’m assuming that you are a spontaneous picnic-er – I can’t say that describes me, but I’d love to be that type of person! If you are, contact me and we can be friends!

Here are a few picnic baskets I love:

Rattan Picnic Basket for 2 (Pottery Barn)

picnic basket by Pottery Barn


I love this basket because it’s so simple and lovely. It’s on the smaller size and it’s made for an intimate picnic for two. It includes two plates, two sets of utensils, and (most importantly) two wine glasses. The rest of the space is empty, to be filled with a bottle of wine, fruit, cheese, and some homemade bread (okay, maybe I’m starting to daydream here…). This is perfect for a simple, easygoing evening.


Collapsible Insulated Picnic Basket (Wayfair)

Collapsible Insulated Picnic Basket by Wayfair

This one includes service for four and is a little more practical – instead of a basket, it’s an insulated bag, which will be easier to keep your picnic food at the proper temperature. The lining is leakproof, too. The whole thing collapses – which I suppose is good if you happen to eat all of your food and want it to take us less space in the car.


Yorkshire Picnic Basket (One Kings Lane)

Yorkshire Picnic Basket for 4

I like this basket because it’s just a little different – instead of the traditional top, this has a dome shape which opens to the side. This one also includes a few more bells and whistles: salt and pepper shakers and cloth napkins, in addition to plates, wine glasses and utensils (service for four). There is also a mini cooler.


London Pinot Wine and Cheese Cooler (Hayneedle)

wine backpack

This one is more wine-centric than food-centric (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). It’s an insulated bag rather than a basket, and includes two wine glasses and a small cutting board. It holds two bottles of wine. I have a similar product that’s actually a backpack and we often use it in conjunction with another basket, just to hold the wine for a larger party.


Heart Picnic Basket (Wayfair)

heart shaped picnic basket

This one is the ultimate picnic basket for a romantic afternoon at the park. Not only is the picnic basket in the shape of a heart, but the items inside include napkins and a tablecloth with eyelit lace. This basket would be a perfect gift for a newlywed couple (and let’s be honest – with everything inside this basket already, all the man has to do is add wine and some cheese and he has an instant romantic date!).

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