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Planning It All

I’m so excited to debut a new look for the blog! I have a new logo, a new blog design, and awesome new images across social media. What do you think?

The new logo was designed by the incredibly talented Jess Kasteler. I met Jess through the Alt for Everyone Summit last month, which is the online-only version of the popular Altitude Summit conferences for bloggers and creatives. Alt for Everyone was an incredible experience –  I learned so much!

One of my favorite sessions at Alt for Everyone was on branding. There were so many interesting suggestions on how to brainstorm around branding and really think things through. When Jess and I connected and we were talking through my vision, I realized that since this is a blog about events and entertaining, it would be easiest to think through branding as if the blog were an event. I decided that if Planning It All were an event, it would be a dinner party. Not a super snooty kind that might make some guests feel uncomfortable, but one that was full of fun details, but still laid back and attentive to guest comfort and great conversation.

Let me know what you think of the new look! The layout of the blog is mostly the same, with a slightly different design. I added easy links under the header to event planning how-to articles and my real inspiration series, which covers real events. Speaking of real events, I’d love for you to submit your photos so I can feature you on the blog!

I can’t recommend Jess enough – visit her Etsy store!

PS – In the process of (re)branding I decided to change my social media names so they are all the same, @PlanningItAll. So if you aren’t already following me on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you should be!

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