why hyatt is my new favorite hotel chain

Why Hyatt is my new favorite hotel chain

As an event planning and entertaining blogger, I often talk about hotels as they are great event venues. But I usually talk about individual properties. I tend to value hotels based on their individual experiences – the service I experienced, the space they have, the relationships I have developed with their staff. However, I am pretty excited about something that one hotel brand now offers at all of their properties, which will make them even better for both travelers and meeting guests.

I have been a fan of Hyatt properties for years now. While they are a smaller chain than Hilton or Marriott, I have found them to be relatively consistent. Some of my favorite properties to work with as an event planner, and to travel to as a leisure guest, have been Hyatt.  Their standard amenities have usually included toothpaste – I know that’s a small thing, but whenever I travel to a Hyatt it’s one less thing I need to pack. It’s just a nice gesture.

Why Hyatt is my new favorite hotel chain

Hyatt stepped things up a notch when they introduced the Convenience Collection. Now guests will find a card in their room listing items that are available, complimentary. The first category are mostly toiletries that they don’t stock in the rooms already, but will bring up for you at no charge. Think of items like floss or shaving gel. The items are small disposable packages that are yours to keep.

Why Hyatt is my new favorite hotel chain

The second category is for items to borrow – such as a curling iron or small weights. These items are for your use during your stay. If you love the item so much that you want to keep it, you will be charged.

Why Hyatt is my new favorite hotel chain

I first noticed the Convenience Collection when my husband and I stayed at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya while on vacation in New Mexico a few weeks ago, but I didn’t have a reason to try it out. Believe it or not, I don’t need to curl my hair while on vacation! However, when I found myself at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta last week, I couldn’t help myself. One of the items on the list was a yoga mat, and I was already intending to do some hotel room yoga during my stay, so why not take advantage of the new collection?

According to the card, you simply need to dial the operator, ask for your item and it will be delivered. When I called for the yoga mat, the operator seemed a little surprised at first – perhaps the program is too new?  First they had to check that they still had yoga mats available (are they so popular?), and once the operator was sure of the availability, notified me that they would put a $25 hold on my credit card in case I didn’t return the mat, and that housekeeping would deliver the mat shortly.

Why Hyatt is my new favorite hotel chain

It was no more than a ten minute wait for my yoga mat to arrive. It was just a standard yoga mat, nothing fancy, but it was clean.

At the end of my visit, I only needed to leave it in the room, and my credit card wouldn’t be charged.

While having a yoga mat at my disposal doesn’t seem like the most exciting amenity, but I love the spirit of the program, which is all about making guests more comfortable. I hope this program is successful and continues – I will certainly keep this in mind as I choose hotels for meetings and events.

What hotel amenities do you like to have for your guests?

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