let’s learn about flowers: cornflower edition

let's learn about flowers: cornflower edition

Summer is practically here and I’m swooning over all the bright, beautiful and vibrant flowers all around. Since I’ve already covered sunflowers in a previous post, I thought I’d cover the delightful little flower that looks so lovely in a wildflower type arrangement with sunflowers: cornflower.

Cornflower is an inexpensive little flower that’s perfect for summer dinner parties or casual weddings. It’s often used as a filler flower, but I love the idea of using it on its own in big bunches in simple vases, or with a single focal flower like a sunflower.

Colors: Blue is most well-known, but also available in white and pink

Availability: Summer to early fall

Bloom Size: Half-inch to an inch

Fun Fact: In the medieval era, it was thought that girls who put a cornflower under their skirts could have any suitor she wanted. How scandalous!

Some photos:

blue cornflower wedding bouquet

blue cornflower

blue cornflower

cornflower centerpiece

cornflower boutonniere

blue cornflower bouquet

blue cornflower centerpiece

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