friday favorites: best event & entertaining ideas of the week

I haven’t compiled my Friday favorites for a while, but I have an excellent collection to share today. We have s’mores and gladiators – it doesn’t get better than that! Enjoy!

5 Gladiators (actually Рcreative theming & problem solving)

Gladiators at Museum Gala

I wanted to get your attention, so I decided to lead with the gladiators. Actually, the gladiators aren’t what I’m really excited about with this event – no, seriously, it’s where they are standing! This photo is from the California Science Center’s annual Discovery Ball, which this year coincided with a new exhibition on Pompeii – hence, the gladiators. The ball is usually held on-site at the museum, but the planners realized that instead of recreating coliseum arches to fit the Pompeii theme, they could utilize the coliseum around the corner – literally, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, a sports arena. In order to transition the guests from the museum for cocktails over to the Coliseum for dinner and back again, they had golf carts decorated with wings “Your Chariot Awaits” har har – to drive them. If guests opted to walk were treated to vignettes that helped convey the theme. I love the creativity! Via BizBash.

4 Coconut Vases

coconut vases for a luau party

Since gladiators and renting out the local sports arena *might* not be in the cards for all of us… how about some easy decor? It’s almost the summer, time for luaus and other theme parties. I love the idea of using a coconut as a vase – just drill a hole! So easy! Via Parties for Pennies.


3 Cupcake Liner Bobeches

Cupcake liners for candles #DIY

So if you, like me, didn’t know what a bobeche was, it’s a cup or ring inside of a candlestick meant to catch dripping wax. I love this idea of making your own with cupcake liners, especially since they look like pretty flowers. Practical and pretty! Complete DIY instructions at Oh Happy Day.


2 Dinner With Strangers

Networking idea for conferences

While networking may be the reason behind attending certain conferences, it can still be intimidating to attend alone. The Exhibitor Show tried to help solo attendees by facilitating dinner plans during the evenings – attendees could sign up for prearranged reservations and have the chance to meet other attendees (who presumably didn’t know others either). What a great way to facilitate connections and make guests feel more at ease! That’s certainly my goal with both event planning and entertaining! Via BizBash.


1 S’mores on the Grill!!!!

S'mores on the grill recipe


I love s’mores so much (who doesn’t!?). But I’ve always assumed they were a campfire treat. So how excited was I when I came across this recipe for S’mores on the grill! Why hadn’t I thought of that before? I’ve already informed my husband that these will get worked into our weekend plans. Via Coordinately Yours.

Have a great weekend!