diy fabric place cards

red, white & blue bbq details #diy #sangria

I consider myself a pretty crafty person and I love a good DIY project, especially when I can work them into entertaining at home. But at the same time I like when a project is so simple and easy, and mostly includes items you have in your house. Such is the case with these incredibly simple place cards, which I made  for our Memorial Day BBQ Рread more about the other red, white and blue details here.

I actually used these cards as buffet labels, but you can easily use them as place cards, or both.

diy fabric place cards

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Index cards
  • A small amount of fabric
  • Stapler
  • Iron

For the fabric, I went to a local fabric store and bought some fat quarters. This is a great way to get a small amount of fabric for small projects, for only a few dollars. I fell in love with this red gingham. I also had some leftover navy fabric with white polka dots – I had made some pillow shams for our master bedroom. There was just enough fabric left for this project.

To start, cut fabric in squares that are the same width as the cards and long enough to fold over.

Fold the fabric a centimeter or so and iron the fold.

diy fabric place cards

Staple the fabric to the card – these staples will be covered by the fabric, as in this photo:

diy fabric place cards

Fold the fabric over the card and iron the fold.

Carefully staple the sides along the edges.

diy fabric place cards

Voila! A place card!

Aren’t these ridiculously easy and simple! You could do these in any fabric and change the look. And they only take minutes!



  1. Cori says:

    With the amount of fabric in my stash, I could make about a billion of these! What a cute idea. Thanks for joining the Caffeinated Crafters link up — hope to see you there next Tuesday! :)

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