quick & easy DIY flower arrangement

quick and easy DIY flower arrangement

I’ve always been a huge fan of fresh flowers and this spring I’ve been trying to increase my knowledge of flowers. I’ve been trying to work flowers into my entertaining more as well. I had come across an idea for a super simple centerpiece idea a few weeks ago and thought my Mother’s Day brunch might be a great time to try it – while hosting my parents and my in-laws seemed like the perfect time to try something simple!

The concept was to buy a pair of identical grocery store bouquets, separate them and place each individual type of flower in its own vase. I decided to see how this concept would work with minimal planning.

The day before Mother’s Day I headed to the local grocery store with the most promising (but still affordable) flower department. Of course, trying to pick up a bouquet in time for Mother’s Day wasn’t exactly great timing – it seemed like everyone had the same idea and everything was a bit picked over (and marked up – I doubt those flowers could sell for the price any other time of year!). I settled on a mixed bouquet with crimson roses, orange lilies (not really opened yet of course), sunflowers and some wildflowers. I was attracted to the mix of bright colors.

This is what it looked like, still in the bouquet:

quick and easy DIY flower arrangement


When I got the flowers home, I cut the stems and put them in water to wait.

The morning of brunch, I started by separating the flowers by type:

quick and easy DIY flower arrangement

I also gathered my vases. As always, I wanted to use items I had in my home. Luckily, I collect pitchers – is that weird? I decided to use three of my favorite vases that were all different. Bonus – none of them were clear glass or crystal, so I wouldn’t have to worry about ugly stems!

quick and easy DIY flower arrangement

I decided to focus on the roses, the lilies and the wildflowers. The sunflowers were a little worse for wear, so I put them in a smaller vase that I kept in the kitchen.

I chose the antique vase for the roses, since they were appropriately romantic. I used the white Lenox vase for the wildflowers because it reminded me of a country farm. I only had two lilies to work with, and one was open already. So I put the lilies in the front, tucking in some filler behind to fill the vase.

I arranged the vases on our buffet. I didn’t want to put any flowers on the table itself because I knew the table would be crowded and full of food. It ended up being a gift display. Also those wine bottles were our “guest book” from our wedding, so we keep them out.

quick and easy DIY flower arrangement

quick and easy DIY flower arrangement


Overall I was pleased with the look. I would love to try it again with different flowers – especially if I had fewer focal flowers like roses and lilies.

Pro tip: as you’re picking your bouquets, actually count the different types of flowers! I had originally envisioned more vases, but I ended up with more filler flowers. It never occurred to me to count while at the grocery store! Oh well!

For more on transforming grocery store bouquets, see my friend Margaret’s post from a few weeks ago.

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