creative ways to serve (and drink!) margaritas

I’ve got margaritas on my mind. Not only is Cinco de Mayo just around the corner (check out some fun DIY ideas for your Cinco de Mayo party here) but I just returned from a vacation in Arizona and New Mexico where I had quite a few delicious margaritas. While the tequila and lime drink does not need any gussying up – I love them just the way they are – there are some really fun ideas out there if you want to get creative. Salud!

fun ways to serve (and drink!) margaritas

Margaritas are one of those drinks that’s usually easier to make in bulk, so you’re going to want at least a pitcher. For a larger crowd I love this drink dispenser with the chalkboard label – I also love that this planner also calls margaritas “margs.” Photo via Hi Sugarplum.

diy margarita bar

Instead of a pitcher or dispenser, you might want to serve a DIY margarita bar where the guests can salt their own glasses, add as much ice or lime as they like. Photo via Nicole Franzen.


mason jar margaritas

If you’re expecting a crowd, you might want to make individual drinks ahead. This is a great way to incorporate the ongoing mason jar trend in a practical way. Just be sure to keep the tub cold – no one likes a warm margarita! Photo via Stapleton Moms.


neon margarita glasses

Another way to change things up is fun glassware. There’s no rule that says you have to serve margaritas in special margarita glasses. But if you do want to invest in some for your party, perhaps this plastic neon version would be fun? Available at Bar Supplies.


creamy margarita popsicles

I lean toward frozen margaritas myself (although let’s be honest, I don’t discriminate) so I obviously love this idea for creamy margarita popsicles with a lime base! These look relatively easy to make – I might have to try them this summer! Recipe at Host the Toast.


"margarita" shots

For the more adventurous, you might want to try margarita shots. I assume this is just a tequila shot in a hollowed out lime, but go ahead and tell yourself it’s just a shot of “margarita!” Photo via Coming Together.


margarita gummies

This last suggestion appeals to me because I take adult gummy vitamins every day. Margarita gummies! Recipe at Thrive Style.

And finally, don’t forget to:

keep calm and drink tequila!


Salud! And happy Cinco de Mayo!

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