let’s learn about flowers: amaryllis edition


let's learn about flowers: amaryllis edition

Event planning and design is all about thinking outside the box and doing the unexpected. If you know anything about amaryllis, you might be thinking – why is Amanda talking about that Christmas flower in April, just as spring has finally arrived? Well it’s true that amaryllis are often considered a holiday flower, they are a stunning focal flower that can be used in a variety of ways.

One of the reasons why amaryllis is associated with the holiday season is its availability: they are usually available from October through May. The red ones are the most well known. They are grown from a bulb and are sometimes given as gifts since they can grow indoors (just like Easter lilies!).

Each stem has several blooms, which open in succession. The tall blooms are full of drama. I love the idea of using less common colors in more of a tropical-style arrangement.

Colors: Primarily red and white, but also available in yellow, green and pink.

Cost: Expensive

Fun Fact: There is a a variety called candy cane with red and white bicolor blooms.

Some photos:

amaryllis centerpiece

amaryllis centerpiece

amaryllis bouquet

amaryllis centerpiece

amaryllis holiday centerpiece

amaryllis centerpiece



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