friday favorites – best st. patrick’s day ideas

I’m not Irish at all. Growing up in New York, I felt like I was in the minority because of this fact. In elementary school, St. Patrick’s Day meant someone’s mom brought homemade Irish soda bread and we made leprechaun arts and crafts. As an adult, the focus is on green beer. No matter what your plans are for St. Patrick’s this year, here are a few fun ideas to incorporate into your plans, including two alternatives to green beer.

#5 Green Leprechaun Cocktail

St Patrick's Day Cocktail


Why drink green beer when you can make things classier? This easy to make cocktail (there are only three ingredients) steps St. Patrick’s Day up a notch. Recipe at Celebrations At Home.


#4 Mantel Decor

St. Patrick's Day decor

Now that I have a mantel in my new house, I love the idea of styling it in fun ways for different holidays. If I were super ambitious, I’d do something like this – it’s an appropriate use of burlap. DIY instructions at


#3 Homemade Irish Cream

homemade Irish Cream recipe

If green cocktails aren’t your thing, why not try and make your own Irish Cream? This recipe looks relatively straightforward and super tasty. Recipe at A Night Owl  Blog.


#2 Frame Photo Booth

St. Patrick's Day Photo Booth

If you’re hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party, this would be a fun addition after the green beer or #5 and #3. Via Babble.


#1 Creme de Menth Brownies


If you’re hosting a party or just attending one, this is a great St. Patrick’s Day boozy dessert. I can’t wait to try this recipe! Via Party Blu Prints.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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