what’s the deal with all the turnover in hotels?

how to deal with high turnover at hotels

If you do any bit of event planning at all you know that you can’t go it alone. Even if you are the sole planner working on an event, you need to work with at least one vendor (but probably multiple vendors) to make it happen. Beyond just working with vendors, it’s important to build relationships with them (if you’re wondering why, ready my previous post on the value of building relationships with hotels).

But in a business that’s built on relationships, there is one almost constant hiccup – incredibly high turnover in the hospitality industry. It’s not uncommon for hotel staff to jump around from property to property.

I’ve never worked in hospitality in any capacity; I’ve always been squarely on the event planning side, a buyer – not a supplier. I have a bit of an understanding why there is so much turnover from my friends who work in hotels, but it’s not my place to speak for them.

But I can give a few pieces of advice for making the best of it.

First, meet as many people on-site at a property as you can. The catering assistant at this year’s event might be running the department the next time you work with a hotel.

Second, be flexible. I’ve had convention services managers leave right before or even during a conference or event, but I’ve never felt left in the lurch. Be proactive about introducing yourself to your new point of contact and making sure you’re on the same page.

Finally, still build those relationships and keep in touch. I’ve never been blindsided by a hotel staffer’s departure when she and I had an existing relationship – she always reached out to me ahead of time and usually let me know where she would be working next. I’ve even been able to “follow” some of them to their new property (bringing business with me).

And remember – the world of hospitality (and event planning) is pretty small. There’s a good chance you may cross paths again.

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