let’s learn about flowers: sunflower edition

let's learn about flowers: sunflower edition | planningitall.com

I feel like I’ve been cheating with this flower series. I started it as a means to learn more about flowers, but last week and this week I’ve focused on flowers that I already know a bit about. But I have an excuse: today, the east coast is getting slammed but yet another winter storm and I can’t help but long for spring and summer. No flower says summer quite like sunflowers. So today, I wanted to share some photos and information on these gorgeous flowers.

Sunflowers have a reputation for being more of a casual flower, kind of the opposite of roses. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use sunflowers in formal arrangements or weddings. I had sunflowers in my wedding bouquet – they weren’t the focus, just a complement. Sunflowers look fabulous with wildflowers, they also look amazing on their own. While sunflowers can come with a long stem (they can grow 6 feet tall or more!), you can bunch them together for a bouquet or arrangement, or take advantage of their height with tall arrangements. Sunflowers work great with a rustic summer wedding, but you don’t have to be going for rustic to use them, either.

Perhaps my favorite way to use sunflowers would be to grow my own and then cut a few and put them in a vase on my dining room table!

Colors: Different shades of yellow with a dark brown center – this is what most people think of sunflowers; could also have green or yellow centers. The ring of fire sunflower is a fun variety, with an orangey-red ring around the center. There are also chocolate sunflowers and deep red sunflowers.

Sunflower Ring of Fire

Available: If you plant them yourself they will bloom in the summer, but most florists and distributors can find them all year long.

Bloom Size: Up to several inches, “mini” varieties also available.

Cost: Mid-range

Fun Fact: When you grow sunflowers, they “turn their heads” to follow the sun! This has lead the flower to symbolize loyalty.

Some photos:

sunflower centerpiece mason jar


sunflower centerpiece


sunflower bridesmaid bouquets


tall sunflower centerpiece


sunflower centerpiece


rustic sunflower centerpiece


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