top 10 reasons to have a brunch wedding

top 10 reasons to have a brunch wedding |

Brunch is my favorite. I love going to brunch, I love hosting brunch. I love breakfast foods and I adore mimosas. I wish I had thought about brunch weddings when I was getting married myself a few years ago because I would have absolutely done it.

So many weddings are evening affairs but you don’t have to follow the crowd. If you have even an inkling that you might enjoy a brunch wedding, here are 10 reasons why a brunch wedding is a fantastic idea that will put you over the edge.

#10 You will save money

Most social events are in the evening, which drives up demand and thus pricing. You will almost always pay a premium for a Saturday night wedding reception. You may pay a bit less for Friday or Sunday night. But Saturday or Sunday morning? That’s a space that wedding venues and caterers aren’t planning on selling, so they can offer a significant discount. ┬áDepending on your menu, the food and beverage costs may be lower, especially if you opt for traditional brunch and breakfast foods over filet and salmon. On the alcohol side, guests tend to drink less during the day so your bar bill will be lower. And for all of your other vendors, depending on the exact timing, they may be able to handle your wedding in addition to a night event, so they may be able to discount. For all the money you’re saving, you might be able to invite more guests, upgrade something, or just pocket the dough for that house down payment.

top 10 reasons to have a brunch wedding |

#9 Less competition for space

Really popular wedding venues book up months, even years in advance. But check on a venue’s availability for a brunch wedding and it’s most likely a lot more open.

#8 Saved travel costs for guests

If your brunch wedding ends in the early afternoon, guests might not need to get an overnight hotel room, which saves them money.

#7 Daylight

If your venue has beautiful views, it’s a lot easier for you and guests to enjoy those views during the day! Natural light is also fantastic for photos.

mimosa & bloody mary bar | top 10 reasons to have a brunch wedding

#6 Mimosas & Bloody Marys

I’m a mimosa girl, through and through. It’s probably because I adore champagne. I’m not a huge fan of bloody marys myself, but both of these drinks can really shine at a brunch wedding reception. Think of a mimosa toast instead of a champagne toast (which saves money, by the way!) or a signature bloody mary instead of a signature cocktail. You could have a mimosa bar or a bloody mary bar, or both. You could also do a fun coffee bar and offer espresso or lattes with flavored syrups.

#5 Bacon

You have the opportunity to make Ron Swanson proud:

ron swanson - "give me all the bacon and eggs you have"

Bacon is still really popular right now, so while you can have fun bacon hors d’oeuvres at any event, at a brunch wedding you can literally just have piles of bacon, if that’s your thing.

bacon skewers | top 10 reasons to have a brunch wedding

#4 The party starts early

This goes hand in hand with #8, but the flip side of the party ending early is that it starts early and it goes All Day. If your guests are the type to spontaneously organize an after party, there’s plenty of time for that with a brunch wedding.

#3 More casual (if you want)

Some couples are off put by the formality of many evening receptions. A brunch wedding can be a bit more casual. It can also be just as formal if you want (you may want to rethink the piles of bacon I mentioned in #5).

#2 All of the breakfast food

A brunch wedding doesn’t have to be only brunch food – you can have a mix of breakfast food and more traditional wedding fare. But if you want to do breakfast food, here are some of my favorite ideas:

biscuit bar | top 10 reasons to have a brunch wedding


waffle buffet | top 10 reasons to have a brunch wedding

coffee shots | top 10 reasons to have a brunch wedding

pancake skewers | top 10 reasons to have a brunch wedding

#1 Doughnut wedding cake

doughnut wedding cake | top 10 reasons to have a brunch wedding

Enough said.

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