let’s learn about flowers: tulip edition

let's learn about flowers: tulip edition

I’ve had tulips on my mind lately, mostly because I feel surrounded by them at work thanks to Valentine’s Day deliveries and some recent event centerpieces. Tulips are some of the most recognizable flowers, they aren’t terribly expensive, and they are widely available. That might lead some people to believe that they aren’t special, but I’ve always found tulips to be beautiful. What I didn’t know was how many different varieties of tulips exist in the world.

Standard tulips – the kind that most people would identify as tulips – are available year round. They typically have a 1 inch bloom size, and are available in a variety of colors – reds, pinks, yellows, white, purple. Some (not all) have a light scent.

But what I found most intriguing about tulips were the different varieties. Some, like French Tulips, have a larger bloom and a longer stem. Others have a unique appearance that hardly even resemble tulips.

These are parrot tulips, which are multi-colored and ruffled. The exact varieties may be very seasonal.

parrot tulips

These are peony tulips, also known as double bloom tulips.

peony tulips (or double bloom tulips)

While standard tulips are easily available and relatively inexpensive, the more unique varieties may be harder to find.

Here are some photos of tulips (all kinds!) in action:

tulip floating candle centerpiece

all white tulip centerpiece

tulip bridesmaid bouquets

DIY tulip centerpiece

tulip wedding bouquet

tulip floating candle centerpiece

multi-color tulip centerpieces


A great resource to learn more about the different kinds of tulips is The Flower Muse.

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