friday favorites – best event ideas of the week

This week we have a few wedding ideas, a fun dessert treat, and a DIY baby shower favor. Quite the grab bag! Let’s get started!

#5 John & Abigail Adams themed wedding shoot

john and abigail adams themed wedding shoot


As I said earlier this week, I’m a huge history nerd. So of course I’m obsessed with this styled shoot by Mollie Tobias Photography and Capitol Romance Wedding Coordination. John Adams is one of my favorite founding fathers and Abigail Adams is definitely the best founding “mother.” John and Abigail’s letters to one another are a beautiful testament to a long and fulfilling marriage (If only we wrote letters anymore!). So while John and Abigail weren’t the sexiest couple in history, I adore seeing this nod to their romance, with a modern twist. My favorite detail is are the paper flowers, a nod to the handwritten letters they shared. More photos at Two Bright Lights.


#4 DIY Baby Shower Favors

DIY baby shower shoe favor

I guess you could say baby showers have been on my mind lately, which is why I noticed these cute favors, which would be a cute addition to any shower theme. These look easy to make, but fun. DIY tutorial at Mint Design Blog.


#3 Photos on Trees!

southern weddings

Admitting this might be a little weird, but I love the concept of recreating indoor spaces in outdoor environments – like lounge furniture on a lawn. So when I saw this wedding reception, I was in love. They hung photos on the trees! What a fun idea! It helps that the bride and groom look adorable under their umbrella – clearly making the best of the rainy situation! Photo by Paige Reaux Photography via Southern Weddings.


#2 Fun way to serve milk & cookies

milk and cookies

I am always looking for new ways to serve food. This is a fun idea. I loved these cookies as a kid – I used to put my finger through the hole and pretend it was a giant edible ring. Did anyone else do that, or was that just me? But these cookies work perfectly, as the hole in the center is great to “attach” them to the milk bottle and straw. I’d even try something similar with doughnuts at a brunch. Photo by Black & Hue Photography via The Bridal Detective.


#1 Travel Map Guest Book

travel map guest book

I love innovative guest book ideas, too. Traditional guest books usually just stay on the shelf, collecting dust. I love something that couples will actually use as decor in their home, or otherwise use. Hence, I’m adoring this travel map idea. Unfortunately there was no photo of the map itself so I can’t see how it was executed, but I’m envisioning a standard map of the country or the world, with little notes attached to the pin where guests can say why they are encouraging a particular trip. Since I love to travel, this would provide plenty of inspiration. Photo by Brooke Schultz Photography via 100 Layer Cake.


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