adorable (and easy!) baby shower themes

adorable (and easy) baby shower ideas

We all have this moment: when you wake up, log onto to Facebook, and all of a sudden your entire news feed is full of babies. It feels like everyone you know is pregnant. You can no longer count the number of pregnant friends you have on one hand (or two!).

While my husband and I don’t have any children yet, I really feel like everyone else around my age are having babies. So that means baby showers. Lots and lots of baby showers.

Some people love baby showers – they are the ones that ooh and ahh over every gift, who rock the requisite word search games (no I do not know ‘lorsteler’ unscrambled is ‘stroller’), and try to guess how far off the mother-to-be will be from her due date. But for everyone else, a fun theme – beyond the pink or blue – is a great idea.

These are some ideas for fun themes for the shower that wouldn’t take a ton of extra work or require a celebrity stylist. Much of this can be DIY.

Bundle of Joy:  That’s what babies are, right? Bundles of joy! Or at least that’s what they keep telling me. You can take cloth napkins and wrap things to make them look like bundles. Play off the word “bundle” in other ways – such as “Bundle up it’s cold” if it’s in winter. In the summer this could be a fun boxed lunch picnic party – give everyone a “bundle” of food. More photos and ideas at Hostess with the Mostess:

Bundle of Joy baby shower theme


Library Theme: I love books. I spent high school and part of college working in a library. I considered being a librarian. Our home has walls of books. So obviously, a library theme baby shower seems like the best idea to me. Reading was such an important part of my childhood so I love the idea of helping parents start their child’s library. You can work the ‘start a library’ idea into any shower, but you can also take it a step further into a whole library theme, with books as decor. I love the idea of having each table themed or named after a favorite children’s book – and you could do it as simply as having the book on the table! On to Baby has some great ideas, especially with book decor and theming the menu to stories like Alice in Wonderland.

book and library themed baby shower

I also love this baby shower invitation which looks like an old library book check out slip – remember those? Printable available via Etsy seller Lil Mop Top:

library book theme baby shower


Cute as a Button: I love this theme because it’s so easy! Everyone has buttons lying around, or you can grab theme in bulk in fun colors for pretty cheap. You can easily switch up the colors depending on the gender of the baby or the decor that the parents have selected. I love the idea of reusing some of the decor in the baby’s room. More photos and ideas at Kara’s Party Ideas:

cute as a button baby shower


Baby Animals: Everyone loves baby animals – almost all baby animals are adorable. You can choose one particular animal, such as kittens or baby elephants, or you can make the shower an ode to all tiny animals. If you are working with the latter, an easy centerpiece option might be a stuffed animal (baby one, of course). Party City even has an entire baby jungle animals line of paper products! Photo via Top Dreamer:

baby animals baby shower ideas


What other cute baby shower ideas do you have?

Photo Credit: { Kara’s Party Ideas }

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I, too, have recently found that everyone is having babies now! I’ve been so focused on weddings and throwing all wedding-related showers and parties, but now I’m beginning to throw my first baby showers. I love these ideas here, especially the library/book themed shower. Too cute – and so meaningful!

    • Amanda says:

      I’m not expecting, but I’m not so secretly hoping that when the time comes my friends and family will throw me a book themed shower! But there are so many cute ideas!

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