let’s learn about flowers: carnation edition

let's learn about flowers: carnation edition

I know what you’re thinking – carnations? Seriously? They are so cheap! They’re not classy! I’ll admit that I’ve stayed away from carnations for many of the same reasons. Carnations have a bit of a bad reputation.

But why do we all hate on carnations, when they are a beautiful, very useful flower? When you ask people what they think of carnations, many people think of junior high corsages or supermarket bouquets. I personally remember Valentine’s Day in junior high and high school when one of the clubs did an annual fundraiser where they would sell red construction paper hearts that you could write a message for your boyfriend or girlfriend, friend or even secret crush; on Valentine’s Day they would attach the hearts to a red or pink carnation and deliver to the recipients during homeroom. I don’t know if it was actually a big deal but I still remember it.

Maybe everyone has a carnation story like that and that’s why we all hate them? But I think we can all collectively move on and embrace this economical flower and start to use them. Even Preston Bailey has started to use them. The flower is affordable, sturdy, can stand up to the heat of summer weddings and event, and is available year round. They are a great way to add texture to an arrangement, or to fill in an arrangement with more expensive flowers.

Colors: Pinks, reds, white, yellow, peach, bi-colored, flecked – also available dyed

Available: All year round

Bloom Size: About 2 inches across, miniature versions also available

Cost: Inexpensive

Fun Fact: Since carnations come in so many different colors, each color has a different meaning.  Pink carnations represent a mother’s love; dark red carnations represent women’s admiration; white carnations represent good luck and pure love; and yellow carnations represent disappointment and dejection. Watch out for the yellow carnations!

Some photos:

pink carnation diy centerpiece

red carnation wedding bouquet


red carnation centerpiece with cranberries


white carnation centerpiece

rustic carnation centerpiece


This one is my favorite – can you believe that this is a carnation? I don’t think most of your guests will!

peach carnation centerpiece - looks like a rose!


See! Carnations can be beautiful!

Photo Credits: { Wholesale Flowers | Studio DIY | Botanical Brouhaha | Weddingomania | Colin Cowie Weddings | Seattle FlowersFloral Cadet }

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