friday favorites – best event ideas of the week

This week’s Friday Favorites is truly a grab bag – my favorite Disney movie, the Olympics… and even Alec Baldwin even makes an appearance! You know you want to read now…

#5 Thanking a hurricane

hurricane thank you sign #wedding

Every bride hopes for perfect weather for her big day, but it doesn’t always work out that way. I have a special place in my heart for hurricane-afflicted weddings because my own nuptials just missed Hurricane Irene. In fact, we got married smack in between the east coast earthquake and Irene – I’m sure there’s some sort of message in there. But enough about me – this couple had to make a last minute venue switch when a hurricane threatened their beach wedding. I just love the sign they made, commemorating their “guest of honor.” This is a couple with a great sense of humor! Photo by Holly Gardner Photography via Every Last Detail.


#4 Beauty & the Beast Party

beauty and the beast children's party

Beauty & The Beast is the BEST Disney movie of all time and now that I’ve seen this little girl’s birthday party theme, I am determined to do something similar for any future daughters. I love this theme, but I also love that people still love the “renaissance” era Disney movies (including Lion King, The Little Mermaid). Check out Hostess with the Mostess for more photos. I also love the book centerpieces.

#3 Jane Austen-themed wedding!

jane austen themed wedding shoot


Jane Austen is my favorite author; Pride & Prejudice is my favorite book (I even wrote my college admission essay about it!) and the BBC Miniseries with Colin Firth is the BEST adaptation, not that Keira Knightly disaster. So when I saw a Jane Austen styled wedding shoot, I was already in love. So this is a styled shoot not exactly a wedding, but someone should definitely take this and run with it. Maybe, just maybe, you might have trouble getting the groom to agree to this plan. Visit Wedding Sparrow to see more photos by Taylor & Porter Photography.


#2 Olympic Signature Cocktail

olympic signature cocktail

I’m a sucker for signature drinks so obviously I was intrigued when I came across one for the olympics. This might be the only thing that can distract you from how disastrously ill-prepared Sochi is to host the winter games. Or from how ridiculous Ralph Lauren’s opening ceremony uniforms are for Team USA. Contains brandy, curacao and orange juice. Get the recipe (and an interesting backstory) at Barina Craft.


#1 Super Bowl Stadium Cake

super bowl party cake

I think I have a suggestion to add to my Super Bowl Party ideas post, this one for all the overachievers out there.  This is a recreation (maybe to scale?) of Met Life Stadium, the site of this year’s Super Bowl (in New Jersey, not New York like they kept saying in the media). The cake was made by Tina Neddermeyer-Szewczul of Icing on the Cake for the charitable event, Big Game, Big Give. And yes, that is Alec Baldwin in the photo, taking his own picture. He was the host of the event. Photo via BizBash. So which would you rather have at your Super Bowl Party next year – that cake, or Alec Baldwin? Personally I’d take the cake!


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