let’s learn about flowers: hydrangea edition

Let's learn about hydrangeas | planning it all

Hydrangeas are an incredibly versatile flower. They are beautiful on their own, or they make a great “base” for more complex arrangements. At the floral arrangement seminar I took a week ago, they said hydrangeas were a crutch, especially for novice floral arrangers. The great thing about hydrangeas is that while they aren’t the cheapest flower, you get a lot of flower for your money. Each stem is made of clusters of four-petal flowers – it is really full and beautiful! They also tend to be a sturdier flower.

Colors: white, pink, purple, green, blue

Season: July – November

Bloom Size: 4 – 6 inches wide

Cost: Mid-range to expensive, but you get a lot of flower for the price

Fun fact: Hydrangeas were first cultivated in Japan. The word means “water barrel.”

Some photos:

pink hydrangea centerpiece

rustic hydrangea centerpiece

tall hydrangea centerpiece

rustic hydrangea centerpiece

hydrangea wedding bouquet

blue hydrangea in mason jars



My favorite part of this flower is the versatility – it really looks gorgeous on its own, or with other flowers.

Photo Credits: { Wholesale Flowers | Meghan McSweeney Photography | Couture Cakery | Wedding Bee | Rose of Sharon | Style Me Pretty | Elizabeth Anne Designs }

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