don’t put sand in your luau party invitation & send it through the mail

luau invitation ideas | amanda jayne events blog

I love how creative invitations have gotten, but always make sure that you’re thinking through those creative touches. For example, in this day and age, it’s not the best idea to send sand in a mailed invitation, because the FBI might just think it’s anthrax.

Seriously – a suspicious white powder was found in an envelope sent to a Fannie Mae office in Washington, DC. The FBI investigated, only to find that the powder was actually sand. And the mail in question was an invitation to a luau. This really happened.

I’m sure that the hostess thought she was being super creative by including some sand, but unfortunately it’s just not a good idea to put powder of any kind in an envelope these days. If only the hostess had asked my opinion! I would have steered her toward these ideas for luau invitations which do just as good a job (if not better) of demonstrating the luau/beachy theme:

Instead of added texture through sand, I love this handmade invitation, with the raised hulu girl and raffia skirt. This is available from Etsy seller bbrennan74:

luau invitation ideas | amanda jayne events blog

I love this hulu skirt peekaboo invite – definitely says, “Hey, you’re invited to a luau.” Photo via Stamping with Sweet E:

luau invitation ideas | amanda jayne events blog

Finally, if you REALLY want to step it up, I found this luau message in a bottle invitation. Would take a bit more postage to mail, but would definitely make your guests aware of the party’s theme (and even give them a few supplies to prepare!).  Available from Party Supplies Delivered:

luau invitation ideas | amanda jayne events blog

What are your ideas?

Top photo via Zween

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