fall wedding inspiration

Fall Wedding Inspiration Couple

As winter weather is bearing down on the east coast and Thanksgiving is upon us, it’s really starting to feel like the end of fall and beginning of winter. So it seems entirely appropriate to share this styled wedding shoot full of beautiful fall wedding inspiration as we bid farewell to fall. Styled by Panache Events, Decor, Boutique LLC and photographed by Wren Photography, this shoot is simply lovely. While this is a wedding inspiration shoot, many of the tabletop ideas would be perfect for any fall event. I love the simple fall leaf place cards and glitter pumpkins. Enjoy!

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every guest has a story

A few months ago I was at a NACE conference and the speaker shared this video and it really stuck with me. The video was produced by Chick-Fil-A as a training tool for their staff. If you have 3 minutes to spare, take a few moments to watch:

Wow! What a tear jerker! But also what a necessary reminder: we don’t know which burdens a stranger is carrying. I’ve kept this video in the back of my mind since this summer when I first watched it, but I thought that now, the week of Thanksgiving, seemed like a good time to share it.

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pinning it all: napkin menus, thanksgiving plates & a hot air balloon centerpiece

Pinning It All 11.20.14

Welcome back to Pinning It All, where everything is made up and the points don’t matter! (Does anyone get that Who’s Line joke?) Anyway.. my favorite pins of the week!

This hot air balloon centerpiece is one of the most creative ideas I’ve seen in a while. This would be great for a birthday or shower! DIY instructions in the link. {Tanday}

Why not print your menu on a cloth napkin? It would make for a fun souvenir! {Style Me Pretty Living}

I’m really into using old books in event decor (see here) so I love the idea of using newspaper from an important day (birthday, anniversary) to make silhouettes! What a great keepsake or gift idea! {Umla}

While for many people, Thanksgiving is a time to dust off the formal china. But for something different, these Thankful plates are a fun addition. {Sweetly Chic Events}

For a different type of table runner, I love this colorful runner made from paper circles. {Viva Full House}

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sarah & terry’s fall barn wedding

Fall Barn Wedding Bridesmaids by Andie Freeman Photography

This fall wedding is full of amazing details. It’s rustic chic in an adorable barn, The Barn on Belmont, which is one of the newer wedding venues in Athens, Georgia. The 75 year old barn was completely refurbished last year after the owner’s daughter wished to be married there. Now it is available for rentals for picture perfect rustic barn weddings. As one reviewer put it, “the venue is perfectly Pinterest-worthy.”

The wedding was planned by Hydrangea House Events and photographed by Andie Freeman Photography so of course, the photos are stunning. I love the flowers and the colors – quintessential fall! There’s mason jars and wheat stalks, fun signage, and keep an eye out for the cutest dog I’ve seen at a wedding. Enjoy!

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[guest post] you are your surprise’s worst enemy

Surprise Events 2

Have you ever had to plan a surprise party? Or tried to keep a surprise from someone? I’ve personally never planned a surprise in my professional event planning, but there have been times where I’ve tried to keep certain aspects of an event a secret from the guests in an effort to surprise and delight them. But boy, is that hard to do!

So I’m excited to introduce a blog post on the very subject of surprises from the expert on all things surprise, Rebecca Aftergood, owner of Surprise Me! Events, a boutique event planning company based in Vancouver. Surprise Me! specializes in events that are spectacular and unexpected, from surprise parties to date nights and even engagements. Enjoy!

A surprise event can be difficult to pull off, depending on the extent of the surprise. If you’ve got a few unexpected touches up your sleeve it’s easier to execute than if your entire event is hush hush. Seems obvious right? It’s much easier to hold back something small then to hold back everything. It becomes even harder to spring a successful surprise when you live with the person you are trying to keep in the dark. The person that (presumably) you share everything with and spend most of your off-work hours with.

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thanksgiving table & decor ideas

Thanksgiving Entertaining Ideas

Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays I don’t host. In fact, I’ve never even cooked my own turkey. But while we will be at my in-laws home for Thanksgiving as is tradition, I can’t help by collect lots of great ideas for Thanksgiving decor. Just filing these away for the future! Enjoy!

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pinning it all: holiday ice buckets, repurposed kitchen decor & cozy sweater chair covers

Pinning It All Favs

Welcome back to Pinning It All, where I feature my favorite pins from the past week!

Aisle runners have been around forever and flower petal aisle runners have been popular lately, but for a bohemian chic look, what about lining the aisle with oriental rugs? Definitely a fun, different look! {One Fine Day Wedding Fair}

I’m a big fan of signature drinks, and what’s more perfect for Thanksgiving or other fall dinner parties, than this spiced apple pie cocktail! The drink itself looks yummy, but I love the idea of dipping the rims in apple juice and then cinnamon sugar! It’s winter’s answer to the salted rim! {Celebrations at Home}

I love the unexpected, taking things and twisting them to make something new. So naturally, I love the idea of taking vintage kitchen tools and making them into holiday decor. This would be such a fun centerpiece for a Christmas party or cookie swap! {Anastasia Vintage}

For another unexpected idea, I like the concept of taking cozy, cable knit blankets and draping on chairs as chair treatments. {Wedding Chicks}

If you’re going to serve champagne at a holiday party or event, why not make your own festive ice bucket? Out of ice, berries and greens! {Zsa Zsa Bellagio}

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vintage library bridal shower

Vintage Library Bridal Shower Centerpiece Photography by Jae Studios

I love books and I love libraries. I worked in a library for years in high school and college, and seriously toyed with the idea of becoming a librarian. So it’s no surprise that when I received this submission from Jae Studios, I was immediately in love and knew I had to feature!

The shower was held at the Wheeler Library in North Stonington, Connecticut, which was originally a school but now a public library. The architecture is stunning and perfect for a shower or other intimate event! The bridal party utilized the library theme throughout the details and decor, including using books in the centerpieces, and as part of the buffet and dessert display.  I’m really excited about the way they used the card catalog – so creative. Enjoy!

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on coordinating with vendors

Coordinating With Event Vendors

I like to think that events (of any kind) are about bringing people together. Even the process of planning an event usually brings people together – even if someone is planning an event on her own, she’s probably relying on at least one outside vendor or resource. Most of the events that I plan have multiple vendors. One of the main roles of the event planner is not just to decide which ones you will work with (which venue, which caterer, which band or entertainer), but then coordinate between them up to and during the event.

It’s helpful for all of the parties involved to have all of the relevant information. Logistics like arrival times and rental drop off need to be coordinated, but even less obvious things like seemingly small details should be shared. For example, if you have a color palette for your event, it’s helpful for many (if not all) of your vendors to know so they can coordinate their piece of the event appropriately. If your whole event color scheme relies on a pop of yellow, let your caterer know so they can find ways to include that pop of yellow in their serving pieces or trays. Or say you are hosting a plated dinner and are renting elegant square chargers – better make sure the caterer knows to use square plates for the courses, otherwise that standard round plate won’t sit on the square charger!

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pinning it all: thanksgiving placemats, cupcake palettes & a cork guest book


Welcome back to Pinning It All, where I feature my favorite pins from the past week!

This dress form covered in flowers and foliage is perfect for a bridal shower or even a fashion-themed mitzvah! {The Brides of Oklahoma}

I love this idea for individual cupcake decorating at a children’s party – put each cupcake and toppings on a paint palette! Genuis! {Make Bake Celebrate}

I love this Thanksgiving placemat – it’s the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving table and did I mention this links to a FREE printable? {Ella Claire}

So I love wine corks. Okay, I actually love wine, but corks are great too and I love crafting with them. So I love this guest book idea with guests writing their names and short messages on corks and putting them in a shadowbox. If only I thought of these for our wedding a few years ago…{Emmaline Bride}

This installation is the perfect example of an inexpensive flower (carnations) making a big impact. People like to hate on carnations but I actually like them most of the time (see my post on why carnations aren’t that bad). I also love this color! {The Blog of JAC}

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